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Novel coatings for energy intensive industries

The Challenge

Energy intensive industries such as steel, aluminium, cement and ceramics, rely on technological advances in terms of waste heat recovery, carbon capture, alternative process chemistries, and use of high-energy processes to increase output and efficiency while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Despite the strategic sustainability, the processes currently employed have limited efficiency due to the limited tolerance capability of their base structural materials, which are constantly exposed to damage mechanisms such as erosion, corrosion, surface oxidation and hydrogen embrittlement advocating the need for development of novel resistant materials. 

FORGE solution

“The FORGE project objective is to develop a set of cost-effective highly protective coatings, based on novel Compositionally Complex Materials (CCMs) - both metal Alloys (CCAs) and Ceramics (CCCs) - to provide the required hardness, chemical stability and gas barrier properties for challenging applications” – FORGE Consortium.

The project aims to reach economic advantage, via the application of resistant CCM coatings onto a inexpensive metal substrates, as well as offering the benefits of reparability – the cost of coating is reasonable as compared to a cast component.


The FORGE consortium, through its development of novel coatings, aims to increase the lifetime of components reducing costs, increasing energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions. 


SPIRE 2050 Vision

FORGE is one of the projects working toward a Sustainable Process Industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency (SPIRE). Check out FORGE and all the other projects in SPIRE portal HERE