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How to FORGE a New Class of Coatings

Wed, 15 September, 2021

The FORGE consortium is pleased to host its first webinar on "How to FORGE a new class of coatings" on 14th October @ 13:00 BST.


The equipment currently used in energy-intensive industries is push to the limit, but improvement for this and future equipment, is essential to increase production efficiency, component lifetime and reduce environmental impact. Innovation on the materials is the key, and, with this in mind, the EU-funded project FORGE is set to develop novel coatings of compositionally complex alloys and ceramics, combining machine learning models, thermodynamic calculations, and high-throughput experiments.

FORGE will demonstrate these coatings on components for industrial processes in Steelmaking, Aluminium, Tiles and Cement industries such components for CO2-capture, waste heat recovery, components undergoing wear and in kilns, defying the acting degradation forces, and assuring coating effectiveness with smart monitoring of their deterioration.


Alvise Bianchin, MBN Nanomaterialia

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