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FORGE Presented at UK High-Entropy Materials Workshop

Thu, 11 August, 2022

Dr Sokkalingam Rathinavelu of the University of Leicester was joined by TWI senior project leaders, Dr Dibakor Boruah and Dr Amir Shamsa to deliver an elevator pitch presentation as an introduction to the Horizon 2020-funded FORGE Project.

The presentation, ‘'Development of Novel and Cost-Effective Coatings for High-Energy Processing Applications,’ took place at the Henry Royce Institute in Manchester, UK during the ‘First UK Workshop on High-Entropy Materials,’ on 9 September 2022.

Dr Boruah is the project leader for the FORGE project at TWI and Dr Shamsa is leading two of the project work packages, while Dr Rathinavelu is a post-doctoral researcher from the University of Leicester working on the FORGE project.

The workshop is aimed at researchers, academics, industrialists and others who are interested in high entropy materials in the UK, with the aim of identifying and establishing a UK community of experts in high entropy materials to highlight areas of challenge and opportunity as well as sharing ideas and forming networks and partnerships.

Dr Rathinavelu’s presentation provided a short introduction to the FORGE Project and the development of novel high entropy alloy (complex concentrated alloy) coatings for industrial applications. These coatings will help minimise the overall capital and operative expenses industries such as steelmaking, aluminium, tiles and cement.

The FORGE project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 958457