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FORGE Consortium Come Together at TWI Cambridge

Thu, 22 February, 2024

Representatives of the FORGE project consortium met up at project partner, TWI’s headquarters near Cambridge, UK.

The meeting, which took place on 20 February, 2024, gave the project team a chance to share information and discuss the progress of the project, which has brought together expertise from companies and organisations across Europe.

By pooling the knowledge and resources of end users, universities, research institutes and SMEs to develop cost-effective, highly protective coatings for industry, FORGE aims to reduce costs, increase energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions from energy intensive industries.

Components used in industries such as aluminium, cement, ceramics, and steel are exposed to damage mechanisms such as corrosion, erosion, hydrogen embrittlement and surface oxidation. Coatings to protect and increase the lifetime of components will be beneficial for both industry and the environment.


The ‘FORGE’ project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant agreement 958457.